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 True Rebellion [Psyren RP]

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PostSubject: True Rebellion [Psyren RP]   Tue Aug 31, 2010 9:19 am

    True Rebellion
    A Psyren based RP

    [blockquote]“Now…I have no use for idiots with no powers. But if you understand even a little of what went on here, I am talking to you. This is for those of you who must hide your powers from the rest of the world, soon the world will change. It is up to you. You can join me, or you can be destroyed with the rest of the human trash. It will be a world where only those with powers can survive. Only those with powers will be able to see this new world. If you do not know the reason for your existence, I will give you an answer. My name is Amagi Miroku, come and find me.”

- Amagi Miroku

Those words were spoken by Amagi Miroku on the 14th of march 2010, after a fight had broken out between himself and another mutant upon Tower Bridge in London. The fight itself was caught on camera, along with his small speech. Within minutes the footage was over the internet and the world was quickly became aware of ‘empowered humans.’

Governments were in up roar that something like this could actually happen. Within a few weeks many nations had begun to press for a registration act, stating that all ‘empowered humans’ need to sign up. Giving their names, powers, place of residence and be willing to give samples of DNA. As you can expect there was an outcry by mutants, and slowly a civil war between humans and mutants became apparent. Though there was something people had missed.

All across the world posters were appearing without reason. Talking about a group known as W.I.S.E, a group many believe Amagi Miroku is the head of. The posters speak about the day of reckoning, though no real date is given many fear it is near.

- - - - -

Following the dramatic events of the Tower Bridge, a very wealthy gentleman named George Harring founded a school in England; Harring's School for the Gifted. Though to the outside world the sign beside the iron gates says gifted, what it actually means is mutants, and it has since become a refuge of sorts for the mutant students who now go there. Rich and poor, all are welcome at this school.

Within this school the empowered humans are getting ready for the future, giving them a save haven from the words of Amagi Miroku but his words stretch far. For the moment the teachers within the school aim to only help the children develop their powers, and to sort out the rouge gang by the name of 'the true rebelleion.'

Why Join?
  • Two events per month, one social, one combat.
  • Two plots, a global plot and a school plot.
  • Non-canon, memebers have full control.
  • Newly opened, positions open everywhere.

Will the words of Amagi Miroku influence you?
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True Rebellion [Psyren RP]
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