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 [A] Story Unfolds

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PostSubject: [A] Story Unfolds   Tue Oct 20, 2009 7:28 am

In the beginning
of Fiore there was chaos. Man fought man, brother fought brother, beasts scoured the land to quell the fighting in their own way. But their efforts were in vain, for man was a war-hungry species bent on absolute dominance. Their fighting continued for many a millenia, even now it rages. Though the faces, the places and the settings are different, the war is no different.

Fiore, Magnolia town, 1902
    Life is ever changing for this small town of vibrant people, their streets grow more full every day with travelers and people wondering where they will make their fortune. Unfortunately for them, Magnolia Town in not a town to strike is rich, most residents are upper-middle class. But still more come to see and possibly join the Legendary Fairy Tail Guild.

    But like it was said before, the war is different. The fronts have changes from armies, to buildings housing guilds. That's right, the guilds are what is left of the armies long since forgotten.

Fairy Tail Guild, Magnolia Town
    The world renown Fairy Tail Guild sits in the Town of Magnolia, it's seemingly normal walls hold an extraordinary guild. Alcohol and merriment abound, this guild houses the world's rowdiest people in it's halls. And some of the possible most dangerous. Though recklessly abandoned in their frivolity they take what jobs they can to uphold the Guild and their own lives. The war seemingly forgotten in the merriment, but most simply think that the guild rivalry is just that, rivalry.

Phantom Lord Guild, Shirotsume Town
    The Business capital of Fiore, Shirotsume town, the home of the Guild known for their violence in completing missions. In a town of business suits and pencil-pushing accountants, this Guild of Anarchy-pushing violence-addicted people thrive. One must wonder how they aren't thrown out, and the answer is quickly given by anyone in the town. The Phantoms, protect the town constantly, and do a good job of it.

Eisenwald Guild, Zaphon City
    The Capital, the very heart of Fiore. The home of the Council of Elders, and the Guild known as Eisenwald. A strictly evil guild one might say, it's members will take any job, no matter the needs. The Guild is more widely known for their extreme use of force and violence on commissioned jobs. Killing most anyone that gets in their way, though in their reckless abandon they succeed in destroying less property than Fairy Tail. Rather ironic as their alignments seem to be polar opposites.

A Time to Kill...1916
    The time now? Fourteen years after the Nirvana incident. The Oracion Seis, annihilated. Brain, killed by his own desire to destroy. Guildmasters changed as have the members under them. Makarov has died as of recent. But who will take up his mantle? Grey, Grey Fullbuster will answer the call. Anyone really could have done it, but outside of Erza and Natsu, nobody reliable enough frequents their home Guild enough to be considered. Lluvia Loxar and Gazille Reitfox are still members and Lluvia still holds a deep-seated love for their new Guildmaster. That's the news on Fairy Tail, but what of the rest.

    Broken down to the other two major Guilds of the time [We won't waste time trying to explain what happens to Cait Shelter and the rest] we find ourselves outside the Phantom Lord Guild. Their Guildmaster? For the moment unknown. Their numbers in members? Also unknown. Nobody really keeps tabs on them too much. Though the Guild may soon dismantle without a Guildmaster.

    Eisenwald. Upheld now by the beautiful and illustrious "Panda", characterized by her Panda hair-clip and ever prominent cleavage. With or without glasses her looks are disarming, its no wonder she can win so easily, even if she toned down her beauty. Their numbers are greater than Phantom Lord but comparable to Fairy Tail's.

    But whats this? Out of the mist strides a new face, one that brings with it the threat of utter annihilation and chaos, while at the same time disarms with a constant look of blissful happiness. Even when his white hair and mask are splattered with warm blood, he smiles, as if all the world is his joke. Nakinara Kiyoshi walks the line only he can see and is defined by his own state of madness. Will you stop him? Help him? Or simply let him pass? One thing is certain, whenever he wants to be somewhere, hes there. So watch your back.



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[A] Story Unfolds
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